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To our Spanish Institute in Tijuana​

If you are serious about learning spanish, The Spanish Institute in Tijuana offers you  intensive spanish courses, The Spanish institute in Tijuana is a highly regarded spanish language Institute and its culture through our intensive Immersion program in Tijuana, México.​​

Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in spanish as they participate in our spanish language school, we provide intensive spanish  to all students and professionals from the United States and all over the world.​

Our mission is to provide the best methodology and atmosphere to learn spanish in, as we help students reach and exceed their learning goals and expectations in and outside the classroom, this is accomplished though a complete students program.


Professor. Ernesto R Crespo is a well educated professional teacher from Mexico City with a very good spanish and he has taught spanish to hundreds of spanish students from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Asia so if you need an intensive spanish course in Tijuana, or if you need special spanish classes, reading, writing, grammar or conversation, call and make an appointment to come in, and we will make the language study successful and enjoyable.


If you want to speak Spanish correctly and fluently in a surprisingly short period of time, study with us. Explore our exciting programs, immerse into the language and revel in the culture and warmth of Mexican people.










We are located in Tijuana

Our Spanish Institute is located just a few minutes from San Diego California USA, we have been working with hundreds of Spanish students from all over the  United States in the last 15 years.



Our Spanish Institute is located icalle diaz miron  #1916  4th Street Between Constitution and Revolution Avenue, Down Town Tijuana..

Tel: Cel: (664)528-4718
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